Postgame Quotes

  • Chargers-Bengals Postgame Quotes

    Posted Jan 5, 2014

    "It’s a tough day, yes it is. It’s disappointing, for as hard as we’ve worked and played, to have a football game where we’ve got opportunities, and we let it go."

  • Ravens-Bengals Postgame Quotes

    Posted Dec 29, 2013

    Marvin Lewis: "That was a great win today against a team that had everything to play for, and I am very proud of our team."

  • Vikings-Bengals Postgame Quotes

    Posted Dec 22, 2013

    "It was a big victory for us. Defensively, we did a great job on third down, and it really set a tone throughout today’s play."

  • Bengals-Steelers Postgame Quotes

    Posted Dec 15, 2013

    "I think to summarize today, we didn't make anything happen."

  • Colts-Bengals Postgame Quotes

    Posted Dec 8, 2013

    Marvin Lewis: "I’m pleased with our performance today. I thought we played well on offense. We were able to run the football, threw it efficiently and we were able to protect the quarterback."

  • Bengals-Chargers Postgame Quotes

    Posted Dec 1, 2013

    "That was a hard-fought football game. As I told them in there, I can’t be more proud of our effort, our energy and our resolve out there today."

  • Browns-Bengals Postgame Quotes

    Posted Nov 17, 2013

    Marvin Lewis: "We showed great resilience, perseverance and the ability to come back today."

  • Bengals-Ravens Postgame Quotes

    Posted Nov 10, 2013

    "I just told the team in there, 'It was a disappointing loss.' Early in the game, we don’t convert the fourth-down play, and then we kind of got sideways there for a second."

  • Bengals-Dolphins Postgame Quotes

    Posted Nov 1, 2013

    "We obviously won some games at the end and today we lost one. It was a hard-fought game. We really fought our butts back into the game in the second half and we just weren’t able to finish it out."

  • Jets-Bengals Postgame Quotes

    Posted Oct 27, 2013

    "We played a complete football game today. We got off to a very good start offensively, moving the ball down the field and kept following up with good series on defense."