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  • 2016 Fantasy Football Draft Rankings

    By James Morris - Posted Aug 3, 2016

    With training camps upon us, and the pre-season right around the corner, it can only mean one thing for NFL fans around the world; the Fantasy Football draft is here!

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  • Fantasy Forecast: Season Recap

    By James Morris - Posted Jan 7, 2016

    With the NFL regular season finished, and all fantasy leagues officially done, we can look back at the season and see where the value was, as well as where the mirages were.

  • Fantasy Recap: Week 17

    By James Morris - Posted Jan 5, 2016

    Week 17 marks the end of the regular season in the NFL, and with that every fantasy football league has crowned a league champion.

  • Fantasy Forecast: Week 17

    By James Morris - Posted Jan 2, 2016

    Some leagues may be finished, but there are still a lot of leagues with one more week to play. Daily Fantasy leagues like FanDuel are still looking to give people one more chance to win, while some Yahoo and ESPN leagues have one more week to go before a champion is crowned. I’m personally in a few leagues on each site that are still playing, so I have a horse in the game just like some of you.

  • Fantasy Recap: Week 16

    By James Morris - Posted Dec 29, 2015

    With most fantasy leagues ending in Week 16, a season’s worth of effort either ended for fantasy owners around the world.

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