Bengals-Colts Postgame Quotes

Posted Aug 31, 2012


AUGUST 30, 2012


Opening statement:
“I thought it was what you want to have in a fourth preseason. The ability of the first group to go out there and play with a great tempo early in a football game, came out and got to a good start and that’s what we were looking for tonight. As we battled with the rest of the guys the rest of the way down, we were a little short on numbers but really proud of how they kept battling. I thought in particular our young receivers and so forth did a great job out there tonight. That’s the thing we want to see as the season goes on is their ability to keep coming and be ready to play when we get called upon. That was what you want, a productive fourth football game in the preseason so now we move on for real.”

On Andy Dalton’s injury:
“Yeah he’s fine. He should be fine, a bruise on his hand. I think otherwise the team, we held (Scooter) out in the second half. It seemed like he had a slight bell ring at some point there so got him out in the second half but I think otherwise we seemed to be in pretty good shape coming out.”

On the performance by Mohamed Sanu:
“Well again, I kind of said Marvin (Jones) and Sanu came out and did the things we kind of expect them to do. I thought the first group did a good job when they were in there and those guys kept coming, (Ryan) Whalen, Sanu and Marvin Jones. They did a nice job.”

On Brian Leonard having a few nice plays:
“I said, got off to a good start, Brian played hard and he and Cedric Peerman both kind of showed their role and I think that was good to see, get back and establish their position and get going and get a chance to carry the ball some and get in the passing game and I thought they made good on every opportunity.”

On how Bruce Gradkowski has looked:
“He does a lot of good things, he does some things you want to pull back a little bit and he realizes them right after he does them but he handles the situation around him and did a good job and gets you in and out of the right plays and does a good job that way but he’s been productive. I thought Zac (Robinson) came in and in the third quarter was really productive. That’s what you got to have. Those guys have to come in and handle the situation of the football game and getting the ball out of their hand and making good decisions.”


On Kyle Cook being injured:
“It was unfortunate what happened to Kyle but it’s part of football. Guys are going to get hurt, guys are going to have to step up and I think with (Brandon) Tate coming in, it’s going to be good. He’s been in the system before. There are going to be some things he’s going to have to learn this week, but I have full confidence in him and I have full confidence in this coaching staff and the organization to make the right moves and I feel we did that by signing him, but we will see how it goes. He was at practice the other day before we headed up here so I’m sure he is starting to pick up on what we are doing and he will have a big week this week.”

On his concerns when he got hit:
“It was just a stupid thing where my hand went a little numb. It was kind of like getting hit in the funny bone. I wish it didn’t happen but it did. I’ll be ready to go.”

On the injury’s similarities to the Cleveland injury:
“A little bit, but Cleveland last year was a little bruising of the wrist, but I’ll be fine.”

On if he would return if it was a regular season game:
“I would have done anything I could to stay in. Fortunately I didn’t have to worry about that this week and I’ll be ready to go next.”

On why he got down after being injured:
“They told me to get down so we didn’t have to take a time out or anything. They were like “get down” so I just was like, ‘Alright I’ll get down.’ I’ve never practiced getting down. Hopefully it won’t happen again.”

On the offense:
“We were moving the ball even on that play I had Donald (Lee) open on the route so it’s good to see and the last game you want to get in a group, get the first offense in, get a nice drive and I thought we did that.”

On Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu:
“We are talented and that’s what we said on day one and there are a lot of guys that haven’t proven anything yet just because we are young, but we have the talent so I’m excited about the group we’ve got and hopefully those guys will keep getting better and better each week.”

On his concerns about the backfield situation:
“I mean you want those guys in, but the more the rest and whatever is going on with them, I think it’s just going to help them out in the long run and when we start the season. The season is a grind and make sure they are healthy before we get into it.”

On the wrap on his finger:
“Just precautionary, I’ll be good.”

On his comfort with the offense:
“I think so. I think we have done a lot of good things. We have to get a little bit better in the run game. We got to be more efficient in the pass game. There’s just a few little things, but I thought we did a good job this preseason.”

On the productivity of the drive before he got hurt:
“Yeah I think the first play, getting the first down, and moving the ball with what we did in the pass game, running game, I thought we did good. It’s just moving forward to Baltimore.”

On getting other body parts caught on the helmet:
“I don’t know. I got hit, that’s all I know. I’m going to be fine.”


On his performance tonight compared to previous games:
“I play all the positions so I had to know all the schemes down pat. I felt like I did pretty well. I just went out there and was me and played the game I know how to play. I got to get in there and play almost all of the game.”

On the performance of Marvin Jones:
“We help each other out. Me and Marvin, that’s my boy. We’re like brothers so we try and work with each other and help each become the best we can be. We try to feed off each other.”

On his fourth down reception:
“It was kind of difficult. I had my arm close to my body and didn’t think I’d be able to catch it so I had to throw my arms back and I nailed it.”


On completing his goals this preseason:
“That’s my thing. I just wanted to come out, be consistent and make those big plays that they expect me to make and that I expect myself to make 100 percent of the time. I let that one slip away, kind of lost it in the lights, but that happens and I’m glad I got another opportunity. I think I accomplished what I wanted to in all phases, whether it be special teams or on the field being that guy that everyone can just lean on.”

On Andy Dalton’s injury:
“You never want to see your quarterback go down, but I knew it wasn’t a big deal.”

On his performance tonight and the touchdown reception:
“That was one of our bread and butter plays at the line. That’s an easy throw because the corners don’t see it and it has a high success rate. We stay after practice to work on back shoulder throws with the quarterbacks. That’s one of the things we’ve worked on a lot. Throughout this whole process, we’ve had a lot of work with the quarterbacks. The quarterbacks have a lot of trust in us to go out and make those big plays. That’s what I wanted to do this preseason.”


On his thoughts on the preseason:
“I think we did some good things this preseason. We’ve definitely grown up as an offense, as a team. We just got to keep getting better each week. There are definitely things we can come away with from this preseason game and learn from and get better at. Now the regular season comes, so that’s what’s exciting. Overall I think it was a good preseason and I’m excited going into the season.”

On the performance of Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu:
“I think it’s awesome seeing these two grow. They get better week in and week out. They work hard. You love seeing guys that work hard and have a good attitude and both those guys do. They’re doing a great job for us. We’ve got to keep getting them the ball and coaching them up and they’ll get better. They’re learning from Hawk [Wide Receiver Andrew Hawkins] and [Armon] Binns and the rest of the guys.”

On the injury to Andy Dalton:
“That’s what happens and that’s what you have to prepare for this season. Andy is a tough guy and I just figured he hit the funny bone or something. He’ll be fine. But if a man goes down, you just got to hop in and keep going. You’ve got to learn from this and keep preparing. It’s nice to wrap up the preseason and get ready for the real thing.”


Opening Statement:
“There’s a few guys that ended up leaving in the ball game. Jerry Brown suffered a shoulder injury. Don’t know the extent of it. He’ll get looked at in the morning. Mike Newton left the game with a hamstring, Again, don’t know the extent of that we’ll look at that tomorrow; along with Brandon King. He tightened up and has a hamstring also. So that’s, as far as injuries go, where we’re at with that. As far as the game, again, a slow start. We have got to find a way to start faster. I’m disappointed, obviously, with our play early on both sides of the ball and special teams. The penalties have to be addressed. I think we had six for 50 yards in the first half, and then ended up with 10 or 11; so we’ve got to get that cleaned up. But I told the team I was really proud of every man in that room for finding a way to win that game. We had a chance to ice it there, when they had it 20-16, got the turnover and found a way to give it right back. You can’t do that if you’re going to win in the National Football League. They give you the football like that, and you have a chance to put a team away, you’ve got to do it. In the end the guys played their tails off, the effort was outstanding and they found a way to win the game. So it ended on a positive note, which is big for us.”

On whether Chandler Harnish’s performance in this game made the decisions to keep him easier or harder:
“That’s a pretty good question. Both I guess. Chandler (Harnish) has played well all along. He’s had some rough starts when he gets in there, but once Chandler calms down he’s been able to be productive and move this offense. So he’s definitely a guy that’s in the mix.”

On how tough the decisions to cut people are going to be:
“They’re huge. It’s extremely tough because these guys, they worked their whole lives, they dreamt of something, being in the NFL locker room playing on the NFL stage their whole lives, ever since pop warner. I have to call in 22 guys tomorrow at some point and let them know that you’re going in a different direction. It’s extremely tough just because they’re great men. They have great character and great integrity and they’ve done everything that we’ve asked them to do from day one. So I’m really proud of every man in that locker room and what they did tonight whether they end up on our 53, whether they end up on the practice squad here, as long as they put some good tape out there and enhance their resume they’ve got a good chance of making one of the 31 other clubs.”

On whether Andrew Luck saw everything he needed to see during the preseason to prepare him for the regular season:
“Yeah for the most part. It was good to get the Washington game. Pittsburgh was big for him. You’ve got two of the better defenses in the league. From a pressure standpoint being able to see that kind of pressure coming at him and identify as far as the blitz packages go, identify and change calls at the line of scrimmage. Identifying hots and sights and things like that I think it was a great start and obviously it’ll be a learning process as we go now into the regular season, but we all feel pretty good where he’s at right now.”

On how satisfied he is with the run game at this point:
“It’s got to get better. And every man in that room will tell you that from coaches to players. We have signs of brilliance, flashes of brilliance, and then at times we have breakdowns. A guy gets cut off, we lose the edge, we didn’t tackle particularly well. Again we’ve got guys there we’ve just got to wrap up and just do the fundamental things. Again, it’s not because of lack of effort. It’s understanding the scheme, understanding the strengths of the call, the weaknesses of the call, and then executing your assignment and doing your job and doing it the best that you can. We’ve just got to do a better job.”

On how prepared the team is for the regular season:
“I feel really good. Again, I don’t know what’s going to happen at Soldier Field on the 9th of September. I know our guys will show up and I know they’ll play extremely hard. I know there will be some mistakes made, but I feel really good about our football team. I think our coaching staff deserves all the credit in the world, they’ve done a tremendous job with a really, really young football team. We’ve got 54 guys on that 90-man roster that were rookies or first or second year players. So they’ve done a tremendous job and we’re really pleased with our veterans and our veteran leadership helping those young guys along. I like this football team and I like where we’re at.”

On whether he has any concerns about the rushing offense:
“You know, again, there’s some times it’s going to be tough sledding, they’re going to unload the box on you, especially when you put a young quarterback in there they’re going to unload the box and they’re going to make him execute, make him be a pin point passer, play tight coverage, put eight, nine guys in the box and some days it’s tough sledding but you look at it, I think we had a 40-yarder in there called back and a 30-yarder called back. We’ll take a look at the tape and see about the calls themselves but that’s dang near 100 yards rushing that’s taken off the boards. So a huge run in the first half and one in the second half so you keep it all in perspective.”

On Moise Fokou’s performance tonight:
“Absolutely. He was like a blur out there. One time I just saw across the Jumbotron a guy flying through the air and they picked him up off the carpet and I saw that it was 45, it was Fokou. He played his tail off. Again we told these guys this is your last opportunity to make a case for yourself and take advantage of this evening to do that.”

On Chandler Harnish’s performance tonight:
“He did a nice job. He started slow, he started slow but he came back and engineered two touchdown drives in the second quarter and another one there late. So I think Chandler is right where he needs to be. There’s some plays near the end that got a little bit sloppy but I feel good about Chandler.”

On whether he’s ready for the regular season:
“Everybody is. Everybody is, believe me.”


On how he feels about his preseason games:
“Yeah, I think it’s incredibly beneficial. You see four really good teams, especially when you get to the different styles of a St. Louis, compared to a Pittsburgh, to a Washington and obviously, just a quarter of Cincinnati. But just to prepare for those, and to see those, I think it will be very beneficial. I think we have come a long way since the first start here in Lucas Oil, the preseason. I think we’re on the right track to be ready for the season opener. We’ll definitely put in a lot of work in these extra practices and then the regular practices we have for the game and hopefully be at 100 percent ready by the time Sunday rolls around. I think we’re definitely on the right track as an offense and I feel like we’re personally on the right track.”

On how he feels about the slow start tonight:
“Yeah, I think about that, especially on the road, we want to make sure we start fast. Obviously, tonight, I know I’m personally a little disappointed in myself for not putting a drive together, getting points on the board, starting this thing off right. I give a lot of kudos to Chandler (Harnish) for coming in there with the other guys on offense and getting points on the board and finishing this game out. I know we’ll have to start better if we want to give ourselves a good shot at winning football games.”

On his thoughts about roster cuts tomorrow:
“Yeah, tough deal it will be for a lot of guys who I’m sure deserve a chance to play, but the circumstance happens when you can’t. It’ll be tough for a lot of guys and from what I heard, it’s not a very fun day to be around the locker room, but I guess life moves on. Build a lot of good relationships, great relationships and I’m sure everything will work out for the best for the other guys whether they’re here or somewhere else.”


On his play tonight and getting the day off tomorrow thanks to his strong play:
“I hope so (laughing). It’s been a long camp. The coaches have been doing a great job of trying to build this monster here. I think it was important to go out tonight and finish strong. Guys have been doing a great job. We have a luncheon tomorrow and then after that I think we have the day off. It’s been a great camp, a great offseason.”

On if he is starting to feel comfortable in the defense:
“I feel comfortable but still a lot of ways to go, tightening up things in terms of the little things. I feel comfortable out there and just wanted to go out there and show my skills off tonight and I think it showed a little bit.”

On what a night like tonight does for his confidence:
“It always helps going into the regular season in terms of seeing where your comfort level is in terms of a new defense, seeing how well you play in it. Also, giving confidence in our coaches to put you out there in certain situations. Overall, it’s just a good feeling finishing off strong.”

On if it was important to win:
“Definitely. What else do we prepare for? I don’t care if it’s preseason, regular season, you go out here to prepare and prepare to win.”


On having slow starts:
“That’s the one thing I have to work on is coming into the game and playing fast right away. I think I come in with a little deer in the headlights look and I can’t afford to do that. I think that’s a growing pain. I’ll learn from it.”

On if there is indication as to how many players will make the final active roster:
“No indication. They haven’t said a word and that’s been a good thing for me. It keeps me urgent; I never get complacent with where I’m at. I’m always working, so we’ll see.”


On what the next 10-12 hours will be like for him:
“Just going to try and spend it the best way I can, with my family and just pray for the best and hope everything will work out for me.”

On if he will hang by the phone:
“No. If you do that, you’re going to make it a lot more stressful. Just going to try and keep my mind on life, just my daily task and like I said, things will work out for me.”


On the touchdown catch:
“Chandler (Harnish) threw the ball and it was a good ball, any ball is a good ball as long as you get it. I caught it and ran down the sideline. I saw LaVon (Brazill) running down the sideline and I slowed down a little bit to let him help me because I wasn’t going to make it there by myself. I slowed down a little bit, he made a good block, I let the guy miss and then scored from there.”

On what this week has been like for him:
“It’s been a nerve-wracking week because you never know with this business, just being an undrafted free agent and working my way onto this team. It’s a tough situation so I’ve just been trying to prepare knowing that I was going to play a lot. It was a short week coming off the Washington game on Saturday so just trying to prepare because I basically played four quarters tonight.


On the Chicago game:
“It’s time to go to work.”

On what he’s seen from day one of training camp to now:
“A lot of growth, maturity, and professionalism throughout this team. No quit and just trying to get the job done.”

On if he likes where this team is heading into the regular season:
“Never complacent. We can always get better and there are a lot of things on tape that you can work towards and just get better at. That’s where we’re at right now.”

On where he thinks this defense is heading into Chicago:
“If we do what we’re supposed to do and be where we’re supposed to be, we can be very dangerous throughout this league. We are just working towards that goal.”

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