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Game Program Covers

The Bengals face tough battles against top competition in pursuit of their 2013 goals. The road to victory will be rigorous.

Except for Who Dey, that is.

For the second straight season, the irrepressible and irreverent Bengals Tiger character will be pitted against opposing team mascots on the covers of all Gameday programs. And it’s a cinch he’ll go undefeated with ease. This week, it's clear the Ravens will find their comfort zone severely compromised.

“We got great feedback on these covers last season, and we are enjoying bringing them back,” said Bengals public relations director Jack Brennan. “They’re a bit of a throwback to covers that were popular with many teams around the ‘60s, and we know we’ve got the right cartoonist for the job.”

That would be Jeff Stahler, an award-winning pro who previously was the editorial cartoonist for the Cincinnati Post and Columbus Dispatch. His cartoons currently are syndicated for use in major magazines and newspapers, and he also is in his 11th year of creating the nationally syndicated slice-of-life comic panel "Moderately Confused."

“Jeff has cartooned on many serious issues as well as lighter ones,” Brennan said, “but through it all he has shown a style that’s perfect for this kind of project. It’s uncluttered, whimsical and witty, and with an instantly clear message.”

“This has been a fun project for me,” said Stahler. “It’s great to be back for 2013.”



December 22, 2013
vs. Minnesota

December 8, 2013
vs. Indianapolis

November 17, 2013
vs. Cleveland

October 27, 2013
vs. N.Y. Jets

October 6, 2013
vs. New England

September 22, 2013
vs. Green Bay

September 16, 2013
vs. Pittsburgh

August 29, 2013
vs. Indianapolis

August 17, 2013
vs. Tennessee